Semi-automatic carton gluing machine


1. The semi-automatic machine is used in the final stage of the paperboard forming process.

2. It is excellent for attaching three layers or five layers of cardboard carton in different sizes.

3. The product features high production efficiency. The affixed cartons have good shape, exquisite and adorable appearance.

4. With lower adhesive consumption, the production cost of the adhesive unit is ten times less than that of the carton stapler using flat wire. Moreover, this adhesive machine is characterized by sealing, easy operation, saving labor and electricity. They are an ideal solution for the high-end cardboard box industry.

5. This adhesive unit is designed with easy and reliable operation system, uncommon and smooth design, quick adjustment of cartons of various sizes, coupled with automatic setting of counting and packing functions.

6. It can glue the paperboard box with the minimum width and height between 240mm

7. Photoelectric control of paper feeding height reduces labor intensity and increases work efficiency.

8. After being glued, the corrugated cardboard is pressed and glued for a second time. Accordingly, it is made of flat and stiffness.

9. The pasting machine is equipped with an automatic correcting unit to make the paperboard have an accurate size and to prevent the paperboard from sticking out of the straight path.

10. This machine comes with a fan for drying purpose.

11. The output equipment is combined with a photoelectric link mechanism. The cardboard boxes will be ejected automatically when the number reaches the specified number.

12. After exporting cartons of different models, the output unit will work and stack the cartons for convenient assembly.

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