Double corn chips production line

  • Production capacity 350 – 400 kg per hour
    Made of food stainless steel 304

    Line sections
    Corn Blender, x2
    Function: mixing and moisturizing the corn
    2 Spiral Conveyors
    Function: transferring materials through screws from mixers to extruders
    Extruder, number 2
    Model: ATLAS EXTRUSION 2020
    Production capacity: 175-200-kilogram of corn per hour
    Depending on the type of raw materials used, the amount of flavor added, and the density of the bean
    Air crystal or itinerary (Conveyor)
    Function: transferring the corn chips from the extruder to the oven
    The extruder can support up to 50 corn chips
    Drying Oven
    Three-layer material flow line
    Function: Roasting and drying the bean completely and removing moisture from it
    Mechanism of work: Equipped with two systems upon request
    1- Diesel (diesel) system (Riello) from Italy
    2- Gas system (Italian Riello), natural gas or propane
    Flavor Mixing Drum
    Function: to spread the homogeneous mixture of oil and flavor on the outside of the chips
    The spiced is specially made to prevent the flavor from accumulating in one place
    2 oil and flavor mixers
    Function: mixing the oil with the flavor and spraying it with the pump inside the seasoning
    Capacity: 400 liters per tank
    Oil pump
    Function: To pump the flavor mixed with oil from the mixer and sprinkle it inside the seasoning

    Holds quality certificates
    ISO9001 – ISO18001-OHSAS18001
    And it has the CE certification for European products

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