About Al Faysil

Our company is considered one of the important companies in the field of manufacturing machinery, packaging equipment, and production lines that are presented to the customer with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

The company’s policy is based on quality in all machines and equipment that are manufactured and on permanent development in the field of manufacturing and installing packaging machines and production lines in accordance with international standards, which have been gained from experience in the field of the labor market and participation in most international and international exhibitions specialized in the field of packaging and packaging.

We also consider our customers to be our partners in success, so attention must be paid to quality, accuracy and reliance on the latest means and industrial machines programmed in shaping and cutting metals with the advanced CNC and laser system to offer our customers the best packaging machines and production lines with the best quality and the best price.

As we are distinguished in the field of manufacturing packaging machines and packaging machines and manufacturing production lines. We are also distinguished in after-sales services, in which we rely on the best distinguished engineers in the fields of maintenance of packaging machines.

Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

“We at Al-Faisal Engineering Company are extremely proud to be able to provide advice to our esteemed clients and enable them to succeed in their projects and achieve their goals and future aspirations. Our best feature is our team of highly skilled individuals who, through their hard work, dedication and awareness, are constantly pushing our company forward.

Through their unlimited support to clients in all technical, financial and marketing aspects

We have a clear vision to be the best choice for investors, and we exert our utmost efforts to work on providing financial technical consultations that are based on professional professional experience in providing advice to our clients and respecting their requests.

Once again I take the opportunity to express my deep thanks and appreciation to the members of the Board of Directors and to all colleagues working in the Technology Company for their efforts and dedication to work, and I also extend my thanks to all of our customers and partners for their continuous cooperation and communication, which had a great impact in achieving the path of success, and we will continue to achieve More success in pursuit of better. ”

Mr. Faisal Ali Khalifa

CEO of Al-Faisal Engineering Company for packaging machines and production lines

Our Awards

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More than 25 years with 4 different trophies We are very proud of that

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More than 65 projects, large and small, have been implemented

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More than 77 happy customers we have dealt with


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About Al-Faisal

Al-Faisal Engineering Industries started in the industrial upscale space realizing that quality is the biggest factor that guarantees the product’s survival and provides it with opportunities to compete and is supported by its long experience in the maintenance of packing and packaging machines with the support of a huge team of skilled engineers, designers and technicians to excel in this field and compete Turkish and Chinese machines in quality performance and price and thus become one of the most prominent institutions specialized in the manufacture and trade of production lines and packaging machines with their volumetric and weighted systems for dry and liquid materials for various food and chemical products, with high speeds and high production capacity.

Our vision

We are committed to fulfilling our vision by focusing on the core elements: reliability, creativity and after-sales service. This has made us the first in the quality and after-sales service standard of packaging machinery manufacturing and maintenance.

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