AF-CP20 250k / h Pallet Chips Frying Line

  • Production capacity 200 – 250 kg per hour
    Made of food stainless steel 304

    Pallet frying line of all kinds
    The line fries all types of pallet chips made from potato, wheat, or corn powder

    Line sections
    Pallet Feeder
    Function: feeding the pan with pellet chips
    Main fryer and accessories
    Capacity 177 liters of oil
    Equipped with PLC control panel
    Grid walkway integrated with fryer
    Function: primary oil filtration
    Equipped with a filter tank for filtered oil, with a mechanism for returning it automatically to the frying pan
    Kink itinerary
    Its function is to filter the oil as a second stage and transfer the fried pallet to the grafting device
    Equipped with a collection tank for filtered oil
    Flavor tank (condiment)
    The function is to sprinkle the flavor on the chips inside the seasoning
    It is equipped with a powder mixing device
    It is equipped with an adjustable and calibrated air spray mechanism
    The function is to rotate and move the chips kernels inside a rotating cylinder for a homogeneous distribution of the flavor powder over the chips.

    Holds quality certificates
    ISO9001 – ISO18001-OHSAS18001
    And it has the CE certification for European products

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