Control system: PLC – touch screen control

Build: Stainless Steel

The size of the napkin before folding: minimum 80 mm wide and 100 mm wide

The maximum is 220 mm width and 200 mm width

The size of the folded napkin: minimum 60 mm length 60 mm width

Maximum 120 mm length 120 mm width

Speed: Minimum of 75 envelopes per minute

Maximum 90 envelopes per minute

Uses: This machine is used to produce wet wipes, medical wipes, make-up remover, disinfecting cotton wipes, lens and glass wipes … etc.

Description of the machine

The four-side sealed sachets packing machine is used to produce one single sealed envelope with four sides, the machine can fold, cut, add liquid. Packaging, symbol printing and counting as well. The body is made entirely of stainless steel. Through the intelligent machine processor (PLC) and touch screen control, you can control the machine and make settings in a simple way. The size range that the machine can produce is: 60mm by 80mm, up to 110mm by 120mm, with speeds up to 90 sachets per minute. There is also a liquid injection system that can inject up to 15 cubic milliliters of liquid into each sachet.

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