AF-SB20 Horizontal Parcel Layer and Packaging Machine

Mechanical General Features:

• Ease of mechanical adjustment of the packaging film.

• The machine is driven by a motor, plus an inverter AC frequency converter.

• Manual feeding system.

• Automatic two-layer row (row) lifting system.

• Photocell for printed films.

• Feeder belt made of stainless steel.

• Easy to change speed and grade type.

• The machine is highly reliable, easy to maintain and lubricate.

• The machine stops working automatically in the event of an overload.

• All contacting surfaces of the products are made of stainless steel.

• Suitable for all thermo-weldable packaging films

• Film reel holder at a low height for easy installation of the film reel.

• Standard wheel to easily adjust machine settings.

• Complete protection to meet global safety standards.

• A sophisticated design that allows for ease of operation.

• Rulers at all calibration points to facilitate setting change.

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