Partial PVC Packaging Machines

Features of the AF-PV20 PVC packing machine

The machine can package all kinds of products as the machine is multiple in packaging


– Machine body of Model 101-1626 brand Engineer Mansi designed according to standard engineering specifications to ensure the shape and body of a highly efficient machine


– The use of heating tubes for a machine model 1626-101 engineer Mansi brand with infrared quartz metal in order to reduce energy consumption and electricity


– Strong air flow all over the shrinking room in a machine model 101-1626 engineer Mansi brand to ensure the excellent distribution of heat.


– The temperature control system in a machine Model 101-1626 brand Engineer Mansi makes the process easier


– The speed of the engines of a machine Model 101-1626, brand of Engineer Mansi located in the machine, is proportional to each other.

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