Filling and packing machine for hotels and cafes sugar fingers AF-SH20

Packing materials

Granular materials such as: sugar, salt, spices, Nescafe, Nescafe whitening

Production capacity

40 envelopes per minute per head

Machine features

Simple and functional design

Easy to adjust roller slicing knife (slices by number of head)

• All movements in the machine are precisely synchronized, which guarantees the filling speed

• the components of the machine from international brands

• The machine has a compact design to reduce occupied space

• Low energy consumption

• A spare parts guide is provided.

• A 10-year warranty for each of the PLC industrial computer operating system and the control screen operation system.

• The possibility of conducting manual tests on / off all parts of the machine.

• The machine’s control system is easy to use.

• Cut knives of custom shapes with the ability to make a small groove for easy opening of the envelope.

Central control of the filling quantity.

Long life rotating axles.

• Automatic synchronization of the speed of filling material feeding and the speed of the bag forming and sealing mechanism.

• No mixing occurs in the different materials when packing in the case of producing different conditions for each head.

Manual test feature for partial motor production and rotation.

– Reduced sharp edges and corners in mechanical design for added safety and less germs effect.

– Easy to use screen control panel.

– Easy to set the photocell sensor.

– The length of the jacket is controlled by photosole or by setting a fixed length through the control panel.

– Operation manual and electrical diagrams are provided with the machine.

– The feature of controlling production on a certain number of casings, the machine issues a signal when it reaches that number.

PID temperature controllers.

– The machine is painted in blue and white colors in case the machine body is not made of stainless steel 304.

Automatic mechanism for resolving the film (repeat the film).

– Easy to replace the film reel through the pneumatic axis of the reel holder.

– Multiple program storage and recall function.

– Better protection against overheated cables and connections.

– The machine issues a signal to notify the user in the event of malfunctions.

– All parts of the machine are painted or galvanized.

– The electrical system of the machine is in compliance with CE safety standards.

– The mechanical design is simple and compact.

– The chassis design allows easy access.

– Low energy consumption.

The decrease in the space occupied by the machine.

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