Flour packing machine with screw system AF-FR20

Spices – Thyme – Milk Powder – Cappuccino – All kinds of powdered materials

Made of food stainless steel 304

Packing weight 25 – 250 g 250 – 1000 g

Sections of the machine
Packing group
The weights to be filled are determined by the helical system
The material flow is organized and steady to keep the weight quality continuously
Weight gain and loss can be controlled (controlling the number of helix revolutions) via the control panel
Packaging group
Customized work system / Mechanics – Servo Motor – Air
The envelope shape is upon request / you can view it under the specifications
The machine works by packing all thermal rolls except polyethylene / PE /
Electrical control
PLC control panel for all multi-language touch machine commands
Conveyor belt for envelopes
1800 cm long and 30 cm wide
Rotating tray for envelopes
depends on the request
Date printer
On request / wax – laser

Holds quality certificates
ISO9001 – ISO18001-OHSAS18001
And it has the CE certification for European products

Shapes of packing wrappers for this machine

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