Automatic Powder Filling Machine AF-PF20

Production capacity

Weights are required from grams to 1 kilo

Production capacity from 40 to 50 bags / minute, weighing 1 kg

Products: Starch, flour, coffee, flavoring agents, color, and everything that is automatic powder

Machine and production line sizes

Machine height 2 metro 70 / machine width 170 cm

Motors used in the machine

Two quarter-horse Italian-made motors to drive the pull belts

1 Italian-made 1 HP motor to inject the product into the bag

1 half-horsepower motor to stir the product inside the hopper

All Gerboxas used in motors are Italian-made

Machine body

The load-bearing chassis for mechanical parts is made of food grade stainless steel 304

Everything that comes into contact with the product is made of food grade stainless steel 316

The hopper capacity of the machine is 60 kg, made of stainless steel 316

Longitudinal and transverse welding

Horizontal pneumatic welding jaws made of pure aluminum

Air-operated vertical welding jaw made of pure aluminum

3 Italian-made heaters

3 Italian-made digital thermometers

Control the machine

The machine is controlled by a 7 inch Kinco touch screen

Electronic control over timing of machine cycle operations (P.L.C) vatic type

Protection units used in the machine

Circuit breakers protect the circuit in the event of a Schnider Schnider short

German protection switches against overloading to protect the machine’s engines

Air units used in the machine

Air sonnides and all connections are Italian made

The services that must be available to the customer to operate the machine

Electricity: -220 Volts – 50 Hz

Air: 6 bar – 120 liters / minute

Compressor: 3 hp / 200 liter HD

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