Cup filling machine, pre-made cup AF-CU20

The horizontal plastic cup filling and capping machine is a kind of filling machine for liquid and semi-viscous materials such as clear milk, yogurt, milk drink, soybean milk, fruit juice, ice cream, spices, daily chemicals and more.

  • Features

    1. The linear cup capping machine is suitable for pre-made round, as well as square and square plastic cups, it is applicable for sealing cups using aluminum coil or paper.

    2. The horizontal plastic cup filling and sealing machine can complete the processes of cup feeding, liquid filling, cup suction, cup unloading, and cup conveying, all of which are carried out automatically.

    3. The horizontal plastic cup filling and sealing machine can be used to fill a quantity of 50-500ml per cup. Special percentages and cleaning system meet strict hygiene requirements.



    Technical Parameters of the Horizontal Plastic Cup Filling and Capping Machine

    Speed of production30-50 cups/min40-75 cups/min50-100 cups/min60-120 cups/min
    Air consumption0.4m³/min0.6m³/min0.9m³/min1.2m³/min
    Machine weight800kg1000kg1300kg1600kg
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