Cup Filling Machine, Single Cup AF-CA20

This rotary cup filling and sealing machine is specially offered for filling liquids into pre-made cups, paper cups, and plastic paper cups, individually. The rotary belt filling and capping machine is suitable for packing liquids or semi-viscous materials, for example: yogurt, milk drink, soybean milk, fruit juice, jelly, ice cream, tobacco, and daily chemicals.


1. The rotary cup filling and capping machine uses a pre-made thin lid to cover the cups.

2. It is able to automatically complete the production process, such as: cup feeding, filling, diaphragm positioning, sealing, cup unloading, and cup conveying. In addition, the liquid filling machine can be produced with optional functions such as second-type packing for materials, blade printing, cap placing and cap pressing.

3. The stand up cup filling machine is ideal choice for filling volume from 10 to 250ml. The specially designed liquid filling system as well as the CIP cleaning device make the cup filling and capping machine suitable for users with high requirements in hygienic conditions for the production machine.

4. A customized pellet and powdery material filling system is available with us. Besides normal temperature liquid filling, we are in a position to produce hot drinks filling system as well.

5. Applied for filling single cups, the cup filling and capping machine features first-class quality and high precision in liquid filling process. In addition, this rotary cup and capping filling machine is very popular due to its simple operation, convenient maintenance, high precision and simple machine organization.

Technical parameters

Speed of production15-50 Cup in minute
Air consumption0.4m³/min
The quantity of the items to be filled10-250ml
Voltage / Frequency V380V 50/60Hz
Machine weight250kg
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