Volumetric cup system vertical packing machines (for pellet materials)


Weight range: from 20 to 5000 grams

Bag width: 60 – 250 mm (adjustable)

Bag length: 60-350mm (adjustable)

Filling system: screw propulsion system

Speed: 30 to 50 bags per minute

Uses: This machine is suitable for packing granular materials such as sugar, rice and salt … etc.

Description of the machine

The cereal packing machine is ideal for all kinds of grains, such as washing powder, rice, seeds, sugar, fodder, sesame seeds, etc.

Main features

1. RezPack grain packing machine offers high productivity with low cost, fast speed and high efficiency.

2. The pill packing machine comes with famous PLC control system and large touch screen, thus easy to operate.

3. The vertical packing machine makes use of a pull-down system and horizontal welding controlled by a servo motor.

4. The pill packing machine minimizes the loss, by using an automatic alarm design.

5. The grain packing machine equipped with feeding and measuring devices performs feeding, weighing, filling, welding, date printing, shipping, in one continuous process.

6. As a bag making method, this machine can make pillow type bags, stand up bags, according to customers’ requirements.

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